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About Us

Strike Boxing & Fitness Club was born out of our love for boxing-style workouts and training in a group setting and a desire to share the positive physical and mental benefits with the world.



To get you out of your head and into your body. Our sole purpose is to help our members reach a higher level of confidence and fitness through the love of boxing and working out.

Suzanne Kemp - CPT

Founder, Certified Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach

As a lifelong fitness and sports enthusiast I decided several years ago that my passion and drive for being physically fit, which also strengthened my mental and emotional health, was something I wanted to share with others. This desire launched me into the
Personal Training arena where my goals have been to not only challenge and encourage others but to help them develop and understand the power they have within themselves to become a strong and confident person despite the barriers they feel hold them back from becoming their best selves.

Preston Creed - CPT

Founder, Certified Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach

Athletic competition has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started kickboxing and boxing at an early age and developed a love for combat sports. For the last 15 years, I have been a registered nurse primarily working in mental health. I rekindled my love for boxing a few years ago initially in an effort to get in better shape,  but after achieving my fitness goals I wanted to continue to push myself so I started fighting. I have since gone on using the sport I love to coach and Personal Train others,  Helping them achieve and maintain their highest level of confidence, mental well-being, and personal fitness goals.

Stacey Godfrey

Boxing Coach

Originally, I started boxing just for fun and to hit a bag. I fell in love with the emotional stress release and the physical changes that started to develop in my attitude and body. I grew up racing cars, not in the fitness field. But, after having my 2 boys I definitely needed to get back into my bikini. I worked really hard and changed my mind set from "maybe later" to "now or never!". I now am ready to share this way of living with everyone.

Amanda Modly

Boxing Coach

I picked up boxing 6 years ago to feel strong and build strength. Since then it has become a passion. I truly enjoy the mental and physical challenge of boxing. I truly believe that everyone has something new to learn and can always improve. I enjoy putting together a fast paced class that pushes you to a new level!

Ryan Ruelan - CPT

Boxing Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

My passion for Boxing started at a young age as the sport was popular among my family. In 2011, I decided to train specifically for competition. The following year, I started competing in amatuer boxing matches and won my first belt at the Adidas National Boxing Tournament. In 2015, I was able to win the belt at the National Collegiate Boxing Tournament while representing San Jose State University. As I currently serve in the U.S. Air Force, I continue to stay involved with boxing by coaching and sharing my knowledge of the sport with my classes. I love empasizing technique and incorporating some of my training regime with the classes I teach. My main goal is to help others build confidence & reach their fitness goals just as the sport of boxing did for me.

Elyse Brady

Boxing Coach

I grew up with a lot of brothers so I had to learn to defend myself rather early in life! Which I believe ultimately pushed me into a passion for health and fitness! 12 years ago I set out to really change my life and took my nutrition and fitness to a new level, which ultimately led me to kickboxing classes at a local gym and I fell in love! I lost touch after we moved away, but continued to stay active, became a health coach, a mother,  and taught fitness classes and eventually opened my own nutrition protein bar. 

When STRIKE Boxing & Fitness Club opened I started right away and fell back in love and found my passion in boxing! The mental and physical strength, the stress release, and sense of accomplishment it brings to push through hard things and then have someone push you to do better! Over the last year this has absolutely changed me and I want to share that same coaching and how capable you are to reach your life goals just like what was done for me!

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