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Davis & Weber counties' only all in one destination for group fitness boxing, kickboxing, strength & conditioning, personal training, 1:1 boxing instruction, youth, and teen programs.


(all classes and individual workout times are booked through the STRIKE app)

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Boxing Classes Near Me

The original! A high-intensity, hard-hitting instructor-led all-out cardio blast. This class is 7 minutes of warm-up followed by 8 three-minute rounds of boxing with 1 minute of active recovery between each round.  Finish off your workout with an intense total core circuit and a full-body stretch cool-down.

Boxing and Weight Lifting Classes

The best of both worlds!  This class is the perfect blend of hard-hitting boxing or kickboxing cardio with resistance/body weight strength and conditioning.  No two classes are ever the same.  You will sweat, it will burn, and you will love it! Finish off your routine with an intense total core circuit and a full-body stretch cool-down.

Kickboxing Classes Near Me

Your body is a weapon and it's high time you use all of it! In these 8 rounds of kickboxing you will learn punches, elbows, knees & kicks of all kinds.  Then you will put them together in vicious real world combos fashioned to not only get a great workout but make you feel more empowered than ever.

Kids Boxing Classes Near Me

The perfect, active, confidence building boxing program for kids ages 5 - 9.  We blend fun, games, and real world boxing skills to keep them engaged and moving from start to finish!

Boxing Classes

So you’ve never boxed before, but you’ve always wanted to try it?  Boxing Basics is the class for you!  A great introduction to the sport with a slower pace focused on technique and basic boxing skills.  This is a perfect launch pad into our regular class regimen.

Personal Training Near Me

Receive one-on-one training from a certified personal trainer who will design a workout program guaranteed to achieve the healthiest body possible.  Whether you want to gain muscle mass, simply get in shape and lose weight, or improve your fitness level - we're here to help you every step of the way.

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